15mins Face & Full Body Yoga For Glowing Skin | Look Younger, Wrinkles Free

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Hi there! Join my 15mins yoga class if you want to look beautiful and youthful.
Body workout is also important if you want to get glowing healthy skin.
Body and face and mind are all connected!
Make time for yourself. we need to relax sometimes.
Try this once or twice in a day and after a week you should start observing some changes!! The key is doing everyday.

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✴️Nose Massage

✴️V-Shaped Face

✴️Smile Line/Laugh Lines/Nasolabial folds

✴️V shape Face Exercise!

✴️Fuller Lip / Thinner Lip

????About Masumi
❤️Job: A Certified Face yoga & Hatha yoga teacher, Therapist, Vegan Food Coordinator
❤️Nationality: Japan
❤️Language: Japanese Native Speaker. English is my second language!
❤️Age: In this video I am 30.
❤️Skin Type: Dry skin
❤️Favorite food: Vegetarian food, Japanese Food, Thai Food, Indian Spicy Curry, Chai Tea
❤️Any plastic surgery: Never done before
❤️How many years I have done face yoga : 3 years
❤️My hobby: Meditation, Cooking. Traveling abroad and Making My Youtube Videos

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