7 BRAVE Battle Droids Who DESERTED the Separatists & FELT EMOTIONS - Star Wars

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During the Clone Wars, many battle droids fought and died for the separatist alliance, with most of their actions being programmed by the Central separarist computer. Some Battle droids however, were able to break free from the central computer, and gain full control over their actions, including being able to feel strong emotions and desert the Separatist army.

Number 1. Mister Bones.

Once the Clone Wars came to a swift end with the destruction of the Separatist council and the decimation of the Jedi Order through Order 66, all battle droid production factories were ordered to stop production immediately, leaving them dormant for many years. As the time of the Empire came however, one Rebel fighter was able to scavenge enough spare parts from an old separatist droid factory, allowing him to create one of the most murderous, destructive and violent B1 battle droids to ever grace the galaxy. His name was Mister Bones. Mister Bones’ creator, Temmin Wexley, painted the murderous battle droid Red and black, and attached bones from dead birds and fish to his mechanical limbs. On top of this, Wexley attached a vibroblade to one of Mr. Bones’ limbs, and also replaced half of his head with a telescoping red eye, before sharpening Mister Bones’ nose down to a very fine point, intended to resemble a menacing bird of prey.

Because Temmin Wexley had no friends and was bullied by those around him, Mister Bones became a very close friend with the boy. The crazy B-1 unit protected Temmin from a pack of bounty hunters, and After the Battle of Endor, Mister Bones even helped to rescue New Republic Starpilot, Wedge Antilles from Rae Sloane, of the imperial Remnant.

Following this, Mister Bones also helped to incite a rebellion on the planet Akiva, before trying to kill Han Solo not long after, believing he was a threat to his master. He even helped to liberate a group of Wookie Slaves, including Chewbacca from the horrid prison on Kashyyk known as Ashmead’s lock. Finally, Mister Bones served at the battle of Jakku, chopping many sandtroopers to pieces, before tragically being killed by friendly fire from new Republic A-wing fighters, while protecting his master. You can find my full video on Mister Bones in the description below, along with the full stories of all the others.

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Number 2. B1-CC14

B1-CC14 was a B1 battle droid created by the separatists for the purpose of guarding prison transports. After Count Dooku ordered the kidnapping of Clone Trooper Kix because of his discovery of the inhibitor chips inside of the head of every Clone, he decided to send Kix directly to his home world of Serenno for further questioning with Darth SIdious. To do this, Kix was frozen and placed inside of a cryo stasis pod, and then loaded onto the separatist cruiser known as the Obrexta III, where he was guarded by B1-CC14.
As the Obrexta 3 was on its way to serenno, it was viciously attacked by Republic Forces, not knowing that Clone Trooper Kix was on board, leaving the separatist ship badly damaged on all sides.

Realizing that the ship was in absolutely no shape to make it all the way to Serenno, B1-CC14 disobeyed his orders from Count Dooku to take Kix to serreno, and instead activated the ship’s emergency distress beacon and hyper drive and jumping into hyperspace without calculations. It is still unknown why this B-1 Battle droid disobeyed his orders to this day, but it was probably due to some small malfunction.

After the swift hyperspace jump was completed, the ship arrived at the dusty atmosphere of a desert planet known as Ponemah Terminal, where it burned up and crashed into the sandy surface, leaving Clone Trooper Kix, along with himself stranded on the planet for the next 50 years, until they were discovered by the Crimson Corsair pirate, and his crew.

Number 3. Coppertop

During the early months of the Clone Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Commander Cody and the 212th were stationed on the rocky planet of Bogoa, fighting against the huge hordes of droid forces there. While on their mission , Commander Cody noticed something incredibly unusual about one of the enemy B1-Battle droids. This B-1 Battle droid was completely friendly to the Clone forces and even provided medical attention to one of Cody’s injured brothers.

After noticing this, Cody carries his injured brother back to their camp, and Obi-Wan asks Coppertop then asks coppertop, if you’ve turned your back on life as a ruthless killing machine, what are your primary protocols”. Coppertop then awesomely responds, saying “One. to live free. Two. to protect the weak. And three. Rescue strays”. Obi-Wan is genuinely shocked and confused by this, because these are the exact opposite traits to the standard B-1 battle droid units. Because of this, he fought alongside the 212th and helped them in combat against Asajj Ventress.
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