Actually Flying an 8 AIRCRAFT FORMATION FLIGHT?! in Turboprop Flight Simulator

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Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel as today we attempt to make a 8 aircraft mid air formation flight in Turboprop Flight Simulator! The new TFS Update has allowed us many brand new features, one of which is that we can have all the planes on one map at once!

Before this update, we could only have 2 airplanes on the map, and 2 flight formations were relatively easy. You had to take a plane off with the auto-return switched off, jump off, run to the other plane and take it off and then fly towards the other plane at a faster speed. I did try to be innovative and made a 3 flight formation two times after the and Update which included the Tanker.

Now, however, we don't need any of that. We have all the airplanes which we can use to create this epic formation flight! However, there is an issue. We must find a new way to do it because the traditional way would take unbelievably long, might even as long was 12 hours or more, which is impractical.

So I devised a new plan from which we flew all the 8 airplanes and it looked just epic! Watch the full video to find out what I did and the final result! The Cinemetic which made it look like an airshow was the best part of the video for me! What was the best part for you?

Credits go to:-
•Logopit Plus (+)
•Video Editor
•Turboprop Flight Simulator
•Samsung Edit
•YouTube Studio
•YouTube Audio
•Google Play Store
•Google Play Services

Songs/Music/Tunes included in this video:-

• Arm Candy
- Artist: Spence
- Duration:
- Genre: Dance and Electronic
- Mood: Funky
- Provider: YouTube Audio Library

• How it Began
- Artist: Silent Partner
- Duration:
- Genre: Pop
- Mood: Bright
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• Friendly Dance
- Artist: Nico Staf
- Duration:
- Genre: Dance & Electronics
- Mood: Inspirational
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• Unstoppable
- Artist: Spence
- Duration:
- Genre: Dance & Electronics
- Mood: Happy
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• Exhale
- Artist: Jeremy Blake
- Duration:
- Genre: Pop
- Mood: Calm
- Provider: YouTube Audio Library


0:00 Beginning
1:12 Explanation of Procedure
2:04 First Plane Configuring
3:04 Seven Remaining Planes
3:26 Final Plane
4:23 Formation Flight
6:35 Cinematic (Airshow)
7:20 Distance Flown Tab
7:56 End Screen

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