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Welcome 2 the things that I do.

Whatdup ppls, i game 4 fun, i jus wana have a good time an a few laughs, hangin out with an helpin friends, I’m a father and spouse 1st, I don’t care about trophies or K\D ratios, if I’m playin I’m on my own time an I don’t deal with trolls of any kind. Stay tuned in and as time goes on ill show u how to deal with issues that online gamers face on a daily basis. Feel free 2 ask questions or make suggestions, i love to help ppl, and I’m always interested in making improvements the viewers would like to see in the channel.

Here are a few links to stay connected with me, these will be the places i post pics, events, updates, news and more.
Twitch =
Facebook Page =
Twitter =
pls like, subscribe, share, an donate if u can.

Thanx for watching, stay subbed for more, and have a good 1 folks.
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