Adventures in Quickplay #1 : Yoshi - Super Smash Bros Ultimate Online Matches

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Welcome to the channel! Today is the start of a new series that im calling Adventures in Quickplay. Basically a series where I go into quickplay, and see just how good or horrible I can possibly be. And who better to start with than my main Yoshi! If you enjoy the episode, then make sure to hit the like button and subscribe to get notified of future videos and when I go live!

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1. No Cursing
2. Don't ask to be a mod
3. Be nice to everyone
4. Be PG. If your not, its a you do it again after that its an insta-ban. Don't.
5. No backseat gaming. If I ask for help its one thing, but please dont tell me how to play or the answer to something unless I ask.
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