AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 7: Episode 10 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Easter Eggs & Fitz Fan Theory

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AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 7: Episode 10 Breakdown & Ending Explained | Easter Eggs & Fitz Fan Theory. We review, recap, breakdown and explain the latest episode of Agents Of SHIELD.

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Agents Of Shield Episode 10 Breakdown

Ok so a supervillain walks into a bar. That's not a joke either that's just how the episode starts. Now Nathanial Malick is out and about recruiting all the bad guys he can and he goes to a young John Garret saying he wants him onboard his team. He reveals everything that's going to happen to him and how he will eventually become a member of HYDRA after SHIELD refuse to rescue him.

Incase you don't know what Malick told John happened in the original timeline and this led to the character becoming the first subject of Project Deathlock. John became a villain known as the Clairvoyant who due to his Level 7 Shield Clearance was able to gain access to several special ops and stop them before they were able to happen.

John also became a sort of surrogate father to Grant Ward and his relationship mimicked Coulsons with Daisys, providing a sort family war in the earlier seasons.

John was eventually killed by Coulson but by the way the events in this season play out, I don't think we can take any of the past timeline as a given.

John initially doesn't believe his prophecies but after Malick shows off his quake powers, he decides to join him in his quest for world domination.

With the title scene we get it confirmed that we're back in the 80s once more and at the Lighthouse the group meet back up with Roxy Glass who has now become a fully fledged SHIELD member. We learn that the rest of the team also joined up with the group but that they're on different assignments. However, she hopes that she will be reunited with them at the Triskellion.

Coulson states that it shouldn't actually be built yet which further hammers home just how badly the intervention of the Chronicoms has messed up the timeline.

They realise that they need to put things back to the way that they were and thus decide to help out Afterlife in their fight against Malick.

Elsewhere in one of the basement labs, Daisy questions Simmons over why she had a breakdown last week over remembering what had happened with Fitz.

Due to the loop correcting everything, Simmons doesn't actually remember any of this anymore and thus can't really help out. We'll get into this more in the breakdown but there's definitely a lot of questions hovering around what's happening with Fitz in this entry.

They reach out to Giaying who teleports in with Gordon and we jump across to Malick showing John around his home. Since the events of episode 8, he and his group have taken over Afterlife and they now run it as their headquarters. Malick was going to rename it, however, after realising that everyone he'd brought there inevitably had a tragic end, he decided to stick with the name.

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