AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 7: Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained + 80s Easter Eggs & Callbacks

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AGENTS OF SHIELD Season 7: Episode 7 Breakdown & Ending Explained + 80s Easter Eggs & Callbacks. We talk Episode 7 and give our fan theories & predictions for episode 8.

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Episode 7 Breakdown

Ok so last time on SHIELD, Macs parents were revealed to be Chronicoms. Having learned the real ones died he went out to get some air and have some alone time. Deke rushed out to join him when all of a sudden the Zephyr jumped through time, leaving the pair stuck in the past.

The episode opens with Deke being debriefed over what happened to them all the way back in 1982. With this being an 80s entry it's very much laced with synth music, sweaters being used as scarfs and as always the costume and set department knock it out of the park in recapturing the era.

We join Russell who gets a message from Sibyl aka the predictor asking for his help. Russell is a robot inventor and this pretty much sets up the episode's storyline. The 80s inspired title sequence pops up and I have to say that from the off I absolutely loved this episode. I've seen it getting slightly mixed reviews as it is sort of a stop gap but there is a lot going on here jokes wise that keep the ball rolling.

Anyway back with Mack and Deke the former seems really defeated by the way things turned out and he visits his parents graves. Now we did theorise that the past may always have been that way and the agents were just actually carrying out how things were always supposed to be. A sort of causal loop in which the Chronicoms always went back and the Agents always stopped them and they weren't actually changing history. This was exemplified by Sousa who was originally thought to be murdered but as we discovered, the Agents just took him with them.

However, the fact that Macks parent's died here showed that there are actual consequences and it is possible to drastically change things.

Back with Russell, he builds a communicator that allows him to speak to her. It turns out that just like Project Insight, Sibyl gave him blue prints that showed him how to build tech ahead of where humanity will be and she requests that he build her some flesh. I kinda got weird science vibes from this with a nerd building a woman but it goes beyond that in the entry and he basically makes the robot from Rocky 4.

Back with Mack he goes to work on the model car that he was going to give his younger version. As we know Mack was obsessed with automobiles and this sort of helped him bond a bit with Ghost Rider. I think he wants to keep his younger self on the same path as his father likely steered him towards this due to the comments made last week. Mack spirals into a depression, basically sort of becomes Thor in Endgame and sits about making model cars.

Deke visits him several times over the months and tells him to come to a bar by saying it's urgent. At the bar Deke is doing what I would've done which is just the plot of Yesterday and I'd be making myself famous off other people's talent. Deke sings Simple Minds, Don't You which was of course used in the breakfast club.

Deke has been using this sort of cover band as a band and with the rest of the group he is trying to set up these as Agents Of Shield. There's two twins the Changs which I think are a play on Kaynig and we get an A-Team run down of the rest of the team which contains Roxy Glass, a russian woman that I think is meant to be a sort of Bridgette Neilson esque character and many more.

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