Anti-Piracy Countermeasures in Yandere Simulator (Fan made)

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It's been a trend amongst a lot of people to create fanon anti-piracy scenes for games. A lot of them are really cool, and it made me imagine what a Yandere Simulator one could look like. Someone had asked Dev before about if he had thought of any ideas for an anti-piracy screen and he joked, by saying that Ayano would be dressed as a pirate throughout gameplay. I decided that I should use that idea for this concept.

You may notice that the music on the title screen and during school gameplay is different. This was to add subtle differences, so that if the pirate was a big fan of the game, they'd notice and be suspicious about it. Next, Ayano would not be able to pick up any weapons. Her hand is replaced by a hook and so, realistically, she wouldn't be able to hold a weapon. This means you'd have to use alternative methods to eliminate Osana. If you are able to successfully eliminate Osana, Ayano would confess at week 1 (instead of week 10). From here, you'd get called all by Senpai and Ayano would be rejected.

There could be some other small features added, like needing an extreme amount of Info Points to buy items or perhaps getting spotted would give you an instant game over. Maybe Raibaru would be even more robotic and would apprehend you even if you got to close to Osana - just anything to make the game as annoying and tedious as it could be.

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