Apex Legends Legacy Battle Pass Revealed! S9 Start Time, Hammerpoint Returning (Eventually) & More!

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Apex Legends Legacy Battle Pass Revealed! S9 Start Time, Sky Dive Emotes, Banners & More!

Hey guys and welcome back to another Apex Legends video! To start today's video we are going to be covering everything new in the Apex Legends legacy battlepass including new skins, sky dive emotes, banners and more!

There are also going to be more ways for people who don't purchase the battle pass to still earn some cool free rewards.

The second half of this video I will be discussing some other season 9 related news including some developer feedback on the upcoming changes to the G7 Scout as well as the removal of Hammerpoints in season 9.

Let me know if you guys are excited for Season 9 dropping tomorrow!

00:00 Intro
00:26 Everything in the Battle Pass
01:25 New holosprays
01:33 New Sky dive emotes
01:48 Free BP Rewards
02:21 Season 9 start time
02:56 Devs talk about the G7 Scout change
04:00 Why Hammerpoints was removed
05:14 More QOL changes coming!
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