Appcircle Online Device Emulator/Simulator: Run iOS & Android Apps and Safari & Chrome on Desktop

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In this video, we walk you through the In-Browser Simulator/Emulator module of the Appcircle mobile CI/CD platform to run apps on the iOS simulator and the Android emulator without the need for any downloads or a Mac. You can upload and run mobile apps online or you can access websites directly on Mobile Chrome or Mobile Safari.

You can run an iPhone simulator or the iPad simulator online with Appcircle.

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Build, Deploy and Test Mobile Apps in 5 Minutes with Appcircle!

Appcircle is a mobile CI/CD platform that provides a fully automated environment to manage mobile app lifecycle end-to-end, transforming DevOps to NoOps with the best practices.

Appcircle provides enterprise-grade mobile DevOps to any enterprise by centralizing and unifying all enterprise mobile CI/CD processes and artifacts on a single platform while automating binary deployments for testing, beta or production distribution and enabling instant mobile app previews just in the browser.

You can build iOS and Android apps in the cloud with no Mac or Xcode needed and preview them instantly with the online iOS simulator and Android emulator.

Appcircle works with different types of mobile app projects including
-React Native
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