Ashtanga Yoga Workout for Weight Loss | Modified for Beginners

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This is a yoga sequence- that can help weight loss--we've all gained weight due to the restrictions of 2020. This intro to the yoga postures- I will teach more difficult parts of the series, over several videos. This introduces the pattern, and breaks it down, starting with the sun salutations, which are very "aerobic," and sweat inducing postures.

Based on the primary sequence of Ashtanga yoga- sometimes called "power yoga." It was the inspiration for all the types of vinyasa, flow yoga styles now popular in the

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This yoga workout for beginners- wanting to lose weight with yoga, starts with modifying the pushup type asana "chaturanga" and other poses to make it safer to start if one is overweight. The next 4 videos will increase in difficulty and intensity. Do get used to the breathing and pattern with this video.

00:00 Introduction,
00:39 how to practice safely
02:02 Beginning the yoga- Surya Namaskar A
11:25 Cool down posture
12:21 Shavasana Relaxation pose

*Health disclaimer: Check with your medical provider before beginning any physical activity to be sure it is safe for you. I am not a physician, do not give medical advice and cannot know your health status. You take responsibility for your safety and getting clearance PRIOR to attempting anything in this video.

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