ASMR | Reunited With Your Nervous Technician [Obsessive Android Listener][M4A]

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distance makes the heart hold tighter

[Technician Pt 3]


the longest three weeks of his life are finally at an end. hope you guys like this one, i know a lot of you really enjoy the Android/Technician storyline. and you finally get to learn his name :P

the technician and his android listener will also be the stars of this month's age-restricted bonus audio over on Patreon, available on the 16th to my $7 and up patrons.

i also just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you all so much for being viewers of my content. i know this time of year can come with a lot of mixed emotions in our current isolated circumstances. many of us can't be with family this year, and that's very tough. i hope you all are staying safe, and for those of you who need it, i hope my content brings you some levity or escapism. i appreciate you all very much.


written and recorded by yours truly

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