ASMR - Tingly trigger assortment for people who NEED sleep (w/ delay)

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♡ Welcome back! ♡
Sorry its been a little while I've been busy moving but I finally managed to get a video out for you guys! This video is another trigger compilation with everything from scratching, tapping, visuals and more while again, experimenting with different speeds for full body tingles! ♡

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Music by Nature Healing Society (Royalty Free Music)


0:00 - Preview
5:02 - Intro
6:54 - Spoolie
13:46 ​- Cardboard Roll
17:25 - Scratching Stick
22:25 - Fluffy Ear Cleaners
26:46 - Fluffy Visuals
30:02 - Green Tree Decoration
25:02 - Foam Scratching & Tapping
34:06 - Outro
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