[ASMR] Your Favorite Trigger Words ep.3| Speaking French, Making Cardi B OKRUUU sound| Close Whisper

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hello guys)
Your favorite trigger words rubric is right here!! Third episode)) wow!!!
today im gonna helping you falling asleep with your words which you wrote me!)
if you want that your word appear in the next episode write me it in a comment!!!
this video would be very relaxing and tingled, but also silly and funny sometimes)
hope you like it)) i need your support!!!!

My name is Anne Whisper. And I love everything about ASMR.
First of all I am a big fan of being just regular viewer and I really like listen to asmr video. And recently I became a creator of this type of content.
You gonna see a lot of roleplay videos, triggers videos and other genres on this channel!
I’m trying so hard to make interesting and relaxing content to help you fall asleep and deal with your stresses, may be even with insomnia. In general I really want you to feel more comfortable and cozy. So if you want to support my channel, you can just subscribe on it)
Thank you if you do.

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