Battle Buddies (First Impression)- Roblox

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Yes sir! It's finally here! By the way, I want to move tower heroes to Thursday and Friday. Just feel like like changing the schedule so no big deal.

The game is still in early testing, some things might break :c.

To recruit buddies defeat enemy buddies, every time you defeat a enemy buddie it has a small chance to join your team!
(You can even recruit buddies even tho you lost!)

Battle Buddies is a side scrolling Tower Defense Game. Where you Summon new Buddies to help you win the fight! Destroy the boss on each stage to win the battle and have the chance to recruit new powerful buddies to make your team!


I'm now officially on LBRY (LBRY is a secure, open, and community-run digital marketplace. Enjoy the latest content from your favorite creators—as a user, not a product. See previews of the LBRY app and the great content available now on LBRY. Available on desktop, mobile, and in your browser.) It's meant to be a free speech platform unlike big tech, (Example: YouTube) that censors people.


Here's is the link to the discord (note: below 13 are not allowed to join (discord rules) I also do not recommend this server to everyone, so if you're not into edgy humor, seeing people cause chaos, seeing people swear, then this server is not for you.

If you also are interested as to what music I use for streaming, I will also put a link down below.
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