Beamng Drive: Seconds From Disaster (+Sound Effects) |Part 12| - S02E02

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Second episode from Season 2 of Beamng Drive Seconds From Disaster series is here! I hope you like the video. Now that this video is done I'll start working on new Beamng Drive Movie! I'll try to make some more Seconds From Disaster videos at the same time to release each month! So, see you next month!

Which disaster was your favorite? Let me know int he comments!
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Music Used:
00:13 - 01:54 Exit Strategy - Jon Sumner
01:54 - 03:09 Backdoor Exit - Max Anson
03:09 - 03:43 Crysis 2 Soundtrack - Intro
03:43 - 04:32 The Condor's Flight - Philip Ayers
04:32 - 06:07 Arcane Sun - Max Anson
06:07 - 07:56 Crysis 2 Soundtrack - Rampage
07:56 - 09:29 A Slight Advantage - Max Anson
09:29 - 10:42 Desert Fighter - Max Anson
10:42 - 11:21 Mass Hysteria - STRLGHT
11:21 - 13:25 The Last Disaster - Howard Harper-Barnes
13:25 - 15:11 Missing in the Mirror - Max Anson
15:11 - 16:35 Signal to Noise - Hampus Naeselius

All these songs (except the ones from Crysis 2) can be found at

Intro/Outro song: Saulės Kliošas - Įkvėpk ir Nepaleisk (Big thanks to the singer Juste for letting me use this song in my videos)

Link to song:
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