Before you switch from Android to iOS

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Things you should consider before switching from Android to the new iPhone 12 series.

iPhone 12 | How hard it is to switch from Android:

iPhone 12 review:

iPhone I am using:

Apple iPhone 12 Silicone case alternative | Ringke Air-S (Lavender Grey) vs Cyrill (Spigen) Silicone (Black)

iPhone 12 Leather Case:
iPhone 12 Case (Ringke):
iPhone 12 Case (Cyrill):

iPad Air comparison:
iPad Air Impressions:
iPad air 4 case:

Magic Keyboard Review:
Samsung Tab S7 vs iPad Pro 2020 (Part 1):
Samsung Tab S7 vs iPad Pro 2020 (Part 2):
Samsung Tab S7 vs iPad Pro 2020 Battery Comparison:
Samsung Tab S7 keyboard review:

Get Tab S7 with LTE:
Get Tab S7 Wifi:
Get Tab S7 Plus:

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Get iPad Pro 2020:
Buy iPad Case:

Only Body:-
Body with 16-50mm:-
Light stand:

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