Big Boy 4014 in California: World's Biggest Steam Train!

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Union Pacific Big Boy steam locomotive number 4014 spent the summer of 2019 traveling all around the Union Pacific system to celebrate 150 years since the completion of the transcontinental railroad. After being restored to operation in May, the locomotive traveled from Cheyenne, Wyoming to Ogden, Utah for the Golden Spike 150 Celebration. In July and August, the 4014 traveled throughout much of the midwestern United States including Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois. On September 27th, the Big Boy once again left its new home in Cheyenne, Wyoming for a third and final trip of the year, this time throughout much of the southwest. The most important reason for this trip was for 4014 to return to the greater Los Angeles area in California for the first time since being restored to operation. There, there Big Boy would pull a special two day excursion over the famed Cajon Pass and return. Tickets to ride the train were sold as a fundraiser for the Rail Giants Train Museum, the longtime home of the Big Boy for over 50 years. This was a once in a lifetime journey that I definitely didn’t want to miss! So I hit the road for SoCal, once again in search of the Big Boy! Join me as I follow the 4014 Big Boy on its return to California!

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