Bigetron Alpha vs EVOS Legends GAME 3 Grand Final MPL ID S7 | EVOS vs BTR ESPORTSTV

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Bigetron Alpha vs EVOS Legends GAME 3 Grand Final MPL ID S7 | EVOS vs BTR Final mpl season 7 ESPORTSTV
MPL ID S7 playlist:

Bigetron Alpha Line up:
• BTR Matt Kagura
• BTR Kyy Popol and Kupa
• BTR Branz Granger
• BTR Rippo Paquito
• BTR Renbo Hayabusa

EVOS Legends Line up:
• EVOS Rekt Angela
• EVOS Luminaire Luo Yi
• EVOS Ferxiic Ling
• EVOS Antimage Yu Zhong
• EVOS Clover Wan Wan

Tournaments: MPL ID S7 | MPL Indonesia Season 7 | Playoffs Day 3 - Grand Final mpl season 7 EVOS vs BTR, BTR vs EVOS
Game date: 2 Mei 2021
Venue: MPL Arena
Language: Bahasa Indonesia
Game Title: Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

#ESPORTSTV #EVOS #BTR #indopride | mobile legends adventure

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