Blizzard Officially Announces Overwatch 2 for Blizzcon - OW Mobile Game - Alt Accounts Problem

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Blizzcon Online is set for February 19th and in the recent Fireside chat J Allen Brack confirmed that we'll be seeing an update about Overwatch 2 (duh, we think it's more than just that) but also seemed to hint that Mobile games in the Overwatch or Diablo universe weren't out of the question. It's possible that alongside the marquee sequel an Overwatch mobile game may also be in development separately, which seems to be a clear strategy for Activision-Blizzard based on investor earnings calls that state entering the mobile market is a focus for the company. Overwatch has 10 million players, but how many of them are alt accounts ruining the ranked experience? Look out, it's been rough out there, avoid if its testing your sanity. New potential stun meta discussion and Mercy mastery guide all linked below, be sure to leave the video with a like and don't forget to subscribe and click the bell icon to actually get notified when our videos go live!

2020 Blizzard Fireside Chat

Expect Blizzconline Skins

OW Mobile Game Potential

OW 10 million Monthly Players

Ranked rants

New meta stuns

Mercy Mastery Guide

00:00 Intro
00:26 Blizzcon Online OW2 Announcement
01:05 How Blizzard is Fighting Toxicity
01:25 OW1 Likely Development Slow-down
02:12 Blizzcon Likely to have Crossover skins
02:33 Potential Overwatch Mobile Game
05:46 Overwatch has 10 Million Monthly Players
07:36 Alt Accounts Destroy Overwatch's Ranked Mode
11:31 New Stun Meta Discussion
14:06 Niandra's Mercy Mastery Guide

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