Bonding with My New Besties! | The Vi Life VIP Access | Episode 2

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Violet Willow is taking YOU behind the scenes at Rainbow High in her viral vlog The Vi Life: VIP Access! What really happened during the Slam? Who is Ms. Morten? And are Violet and Sunny still BFFS?! Tune in to find out all the juicy details. Kisses!

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Take one step into Rainbow High, and you know it’s like no other high school. There’s a driving pace, like a bass line thrumming through the walls. The buildings vibrate with magical realism: colors glow brighter, fabrics swish and dance, sculptures seem to move with you as you pass, and you can’t tell if it’s real or just your brain overwhelmed by the dizzying creative energy thrumming all around you. If you’re an artist, and you have something to say, and you’re ready to grab the world by its collar and shake it ‘til it stands up and listens, you want to go to Rainbow High. Check that – you NEED to go to Rainbow High. It’s the most elite fine arts school in the world. Its graduates go on to become premiere fashion designers, visual-effects artists, costume designers, Imagineers, lighting designers, sculptors, sound engineers, fashion magazine editors… paradigm-changers go to Rainbow High. And if they can make it through four years in its high-pressure crucible, they can make it through anything. Just hope and pray you’ve got the chops to make it, because if you get cut, there are no second chances.

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Legend says at the end of the rainbow, there's a pot of gold. But the truth is, it's something even more amazing. Only a chosen few with an eye for bold fashions can follow the rainbow to Rainbow High, the colorful fashion school where everyone learns to flaunt their true color. Visit us at

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