Boneworks Custom Campaign: Melon Vault Is Out! - Here's the Download Link and Installation Guide

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Melon Vault Download Link:

Performance Update: Performance issues are my primary focus based on the feedback I've been getting. There were some framerate issues for lower-end systems during the map's various playtests, but certainly nothing like what is seen now that a larger population is able to play the map. I have a series of optimizations I'm going to be implementing over the next week or so (I'm a one-man army on this front, so please be patient). If MV is a rough run for you now, you are welcome to wait to see if my fixes improve the experience in the near future.

Launch Update: The download file has been updated to avoid the following issue: If you don't get loaded into a map (not even Main Menu), it's because I included the excellent StartHere mod however, that mod REQUIRES a modpref to be set, otherwise, you never actually load into a map.

Fixes: Remove OR add the following to your file:

The download has been updated to and avoids this issue altogether.

Melon Vault: Showdown is Part 1 of a Boneworks Custom Map Campaign by GreasedScotsman, with amazing art by TabloidA and Maranara. It clocks in at roughly two hours of gameplay for first-time playthroughs and features a full and sprawling story, puzzles, enhanced combat sequences and enemies that should challenge most Boneworks veterans, new physics interactions, unique movement, custom NPCs and a custom soundtrack.

Please do NOT bug SLZ members or the official SLZ discord with questions about this map, game mods or other custom content. This map is not officially affiliated with SLZ in any way.
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