Boruto Shippuden SOON - Isshiki Otsutsuki Will Kill Naruto or Sasuke? Boruto Chapter 48 Review

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Boruto Manga Chapter 48 Review, Theory and Analysis has revealed Isshiki Otsutsuki aka Jigen reaching Konoha to destroy Naruto and Sasuke to retrieve his perfect vessel which is Naruto’s second son Kawaki. We know Kawaki vs Boruto happened in the time skip in the future, which might be called Boruto Shippuden.
Isshiki Otsutsuki vs Kashin Koji has concluded where the information about his new Dojutsu has been revealed, Amado stated to Naruto that Kashin Koji who is Jiraiya’s clone will die due to the mission and being a tool. Naruto will not be happy when he finds out Kashin Koji is a Jiraiya clone due to his connection of being #Hokage.

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