Boruto's Insane Forbidden Jutsu In Boruto Naruto Next Generations!

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In the world of Naruto, there are thousands of ninjutsu in existence, however, forbidden ninjutsu are the jutsu that possess some of the most deadly effects once they're unleashed. Some of these jutsu do great damage to their enemy, though the result is that the caster suffers immense damage as well. Others are so overpowered that they can destroy entire villages, which in turn makes ninja villages seek out alliances with the clans that can use these jutsu. Others are so dangerous that entire nations will team up, just to wipe out the clans that use these jutsu. With Boruto Uzumaki, someone who is considered a prodigy of his era, Boruto Uzumaki after the battle against Deepa from Kara, Boruto has begun walking down the path where he too is developing a forbidden jutsu and the first stages of the jutsu are finally complete! Grab those ramen bowls as we discuss the potential for Boruto Uzumaki's forbidden ninjutsu!
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