Brian Keating on Joshua Spodek's adventures in stewardship; THIS SUSTAINABLE LIFE Podcast

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My conversation with Joshua Spodek on his excellent THIS SUSTAINABLE LIFE podcast.
From Josh: Though I haven't actively practiced physics since defending my thesis in 1999, it felt great to talk science with the author of a book named one of the best non-fiction books of all time. The conversation stayed where nonscientists could understand, but we spoke, I think, how physicists do, though I'm out of practice. We talked about values, the difference between theory and experiment, the beauty of experiment, running experiments by the South Pole and tops of mountains, Einstein, Feynman, and technology. Of course, sustainability too. He shared about the writing of his book, the life that led to it, and the life it led to of becoming a spokesman for science. We also closed with him describing his podcast, where he interviewed me.

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