Building UP 844: Cylinder Block, Heads, Sleeves, & Steam Chests

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Welcome back to Building UP 844 here on The Steam Channel. In this series installment, we will highlight the fabrication process of UP 844's cylinder block, cylinder heads, cylinder sleeves, and the steam chests. Work on our Little Engines Union Pacific 844 ALCO Northern is coming along very smoothly at Gemini Industrial Machine Group and we would like to thank Gemini's team for their continued hard work on the project! Enjoy and thank you for watching The Steam Channel.

00:16 Piston Valves/Slide Valves
00:40 Cylinder Block Mill Setup
01:02 Port Face CNC Milling
02:05 Port CNC Milling
03:05 Cylinder Head Machining
04:43 Cylinder Center Plate Test Fit
05:11 Completed Cylinder Heads
05:19 Steam Chests
05:47 Cylinder Sleeves
07:34 Pressing In Cylinder Sleeves Into The Cylinder Block
07:57 Cylinder Assembly Time-lapse

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