Coding Adventure: Atmosphere

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The planets in my solar system project are looking a bit hostile and uninviting, so in this video I'll be attempting to add some cozy atmospheres around them.

Some notes:
• I made a little build where you can play with the atmosphere settings yourself, which you can find over here if you're interested:

• A number of knowledgeable people have pointed out in the comments that reality is not nearly as simple as my little diagram around 4:35, and that light does not literally wiggle up and down like a wave, so please note that the diagram is incorrect!

• This project was inspired by the game Outer Wilds, which I highly recommend playing!

Project Files:
The atmosphere code is currently only available to patrons of the channel, so if you'd like to get early access to it (and support my work in the process!) you can find it here:
It will be freely available to everyone from September 15.


"Brief Respite" by Antti Luode
"When Rain Comes" by Tide Electric
"Door to Door Disco" by Bright Seed
"Reflections of Space and Time" by AEROPLANES
"Frontier" by Shimmer
"In the Atmosphere" by Bad Snacks
"Reflections" by MK2
"Nidra in the Sky with Ayla" by Jesse Gallagher
"Far Away" by Antti Luode

0:00 Intro
0:32 Setup
2:46 Resources
3:25 Light Scattering
6:15 Coding the Shader
11:55 Initial Results
13:10 Adding Colour
15:20 Colourful Results
16:40 Optimisation
17:39 Stars
18:50 Exploration
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