Coding Adventure: Chess AI

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My attempt at creating a little chess playing program!
Think you can beat it? Give it a go over here:

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Learning Resources:

00:00 The Board and Pieces
03:20 Generating Moves
06:54 A Random Adversary
07:52 Optimization and Testing
12:11 Search and Evaluation
17:43 Easy Endgames
20:00 The Transposition Table
23:03 Openings
25:09 Game One
26:06 Game Two
27:01 Game Three
28:05 Game Four

Devoted Mind by Wild Colors
Intuition by Lincoln Davis
Wonderland by Shimmer
Selfless by Eleven Tales
Floating Point by Roie Shpigler
Nobility by Wicked Cinema
A Quiet Place by Jordan White
Air by Assaf Ayalon
Heart Wide Open by Sounds Like Sander
Thoughts by Anbr
Deep Blue Sea by Sivan Talmor
Flight of the Inner Bird by Sivan Talmor
Kings and Queens by Wicked Cinema
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