Collect all NEW BATTLE PASS REWARDS & New legedary skin. Zooba Zoo

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Hello my friends! In episode 56 of Zooba I will colect all rewards from new zooba battle pass and I play with the new LEGENDARY SKIN - Hocus Pocus Louie. If you like this video don't forget to subscribe and press the like button

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About Zooba:
Zooba is more than a pvp battle royale, it's a free animal game in zoo-themed battlelands. Zooba is a fun cross between battle royale and MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), adopting the best ingredients from each genre. Fight with epic animals and survive the brawl in the battlelands in this free PvP combat game!

My name is Georges and I am a content creator about games like Brawl Stars and Zooba! I try to make the best content and I hope you will enjoy.

Disclaimer: All of the content in this video was edited, and is made by me. I have currently all rights to the content in this video, which is protected by fair use and transformative law.

All music is from Youtube Library
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