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Today is Wednesday and CrossFire Philippines just had its regular maintenance day every two weeks. For the latest updates CFPH just released a new package, the Easter 21 Basic Package which costs 479 Ecoins. There will be also an Easter 21 Premium Package which costs 1,110 Ecoins which offers to give a permanent version of the new weapons. The Easter Premium Package contains the M4A1-Silencer-Easter 21, Carrot Blade-Easter21, COP. 357-Easter21 and Grenade-Easter21 in permanent version. It also includes SP Pink Easter, NC Pink Easter and Free 5 Lotto Tickets. While the Easter Basic Package contains a version of all weapons in only 7 days. I recommend all of you to buy the Easter Premium Package if you really want the Easter Lotto. CrossFire Philippines also released a new AI Extra Mode, the Dark Tower Map. Today is also the start of the VIP Sale 2021 Event particularly the Weapon Week in which all of the VIP Weapons are on sale for 50% off. There will be also the Newbie Package for newly made accounts and as the weeks go by you can purchase the Advance Package and Elite Package on the GP Item Shop. This day is very special because of the many events in CrossFire Philippines. Next on the list is the Rebate Masters 2021 Event where you get 100% rebates on your first 5 Ecoin Top Ups. There will be also the Fortuitous Win 2021 Event where you can get the VIP Lucky Lotto D, A and B and a bonus of 100 Ecoins. Lastly there will be also the VIP Lucky Lotto D rewards on the Mission Possible Event last week. I am very excited to try out and spin the new VIP Lucky Lotto D and I hope that I can win a permanent VIP Weapon on that VIP Lotto Spin. I will try to review these new package and character the best way I can but the main event that everybody is waiting for this update is the Second Wave Epic Comeback Event in which Crossfire Philippines will give free VIP, free Lotto Spins and free Ecoins during a 1 month period. I am very excited to cover and review this new event of CFPH. Stay tune with me today as we review and look to the latest happenings in CrossFire Philippines. I highly encourage everyone to play CrossFire Philippines now and join this amazing event. In this video I am going to try the Rebate Master 2021 Event and top up 50 Ecoins to test whether it is still working or not. I can confirm that the event is working and it's your time to spend Ecoins if you want to buy your favorite VIP Weapons. I also spin my free lotto tickets and managed to win a permanent lotto weapon. Lastly I will spin my VIP Lucky Lotto D on my main account and I hope that I can win a permanent VIP on it. For the full details just watch the whole video and comment down below. That's it for this video and I do hope you like my video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel for more CFPH Updates and Uploads. Thank you and Stay Safe at Home. Stay tune for more uploads and giveaways.
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