Datto's First Impressions of Destiny 2: Beyond Light

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After two extra months in the oven, Beyond Light is here. I've logged probably 30 or so hours in Beyond Light and probably about an equal amount writing this video. We have a lot to talk about: story, lore, Stasis, weapon sunsetting, New Light and some really bad community takes. We'll close it out with some overall thoughts. I have extended thoughts here in the description as well, scroll down for more.

Merch Callout - 0:00
Story/Lore - 1:48
Stasis - 6:52
Gameplay loop & Leveling - 9:58
Weapon Sunsetting - 12:51
New Light - 18:46
Community Thoughts - 19:32
Closing Thoughts - 21:12

Beyond Light met my expectations for what I expected of a typical Destiny release. Campaign, some post-campaign, cutscenes, yada yada. But, my expectations were quite tempered to most of the community's. I think the community wanted more than just "more Destiny," while that was exactly what I was expecting. The community maybe wanted more change or wanted things to feel different, even though Bungie didn't really claim that things would change at all. They (and I) want the game to evolve, to grow not just in content, but in features and other developments, to not feel like we're just in a holding pattern. And I'm not sure Beyond Light provided what people were hoping for, again, despite Bungie not making any claims that things would change. Sure, Stasis being a new subclass was an evolution of gameplay, but moment to moment gameplay in Destiny is some of the best in the industry already. Waiting all this time for Beyond Light to feel like "just" more Destiny maybe wasn't enough for people.

There are also much more legitimate issues like weapon sunsetting and content removal that people are upset about, I don't want to deny those claims either. While I think the content removal situation needed to happen for the health of the game, it is still a blow to the game itself. If there were a way to keep that content around, I'd be all for it, but it just didn't seem like it was possible. Weapon sunsetting could've been executed upon a bit better to soften the damage that it would deal to our weapon collections.

I don't think Destiny really got worse with Beyond Light or anything like that. I'm just not sure how much better it got. UI got better, lighting effects got better, load times got better, but those things are often overlooked and underappreciated because of much bigger issues that the day to day or week to week part of the game has. Destiny is not really a game built for the omega hardcore and it never really has been.

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