Destiny 2 - DARK SHIP MYSTERY SOLVED! Secret Room, Guardian's Story, Calus & MORE!

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Hey Guardians! Today we discuss the lore behind the Presage exotic question mission in Destiny 2's Season Of The Chosen. We will explain what happened to this ship when it met the darkness in space, what Calus was doing with the scorn onboard and the events that went down before Katabasis (the guardian trapped onboard) sent the distress signal out into the system.

Intro 0:00
Guardian Meets Calus 1:13
Calus' Meeting With The Darkness 1:48
Calus Wants Revenge 2:41
Guardian Steels A Legion Warship 3:25
Glykon Arrives Near Reef 4:01
Experimenting On Scorn 4:37
The Locus 5:54
Darkness Arrives & Calus Disappears 6:51
Guardian And Ghosts Struggles Onboard 7:23
Distress Call 9:23
Our Guardian Arrives 10:37
What Happened to the Guardian? 11:15
Secrets On The Ship/Easter Eggs 12:25
Guardian Ship 12:34
Darkness Flowers 12:51
Crown Of Sorrow Secret Room 13:38
Outro 14:43

“Destiny 2 Glykon Volatus"
“Destiny 2 Dead Mans Tale"
“Destiny 2 Dead Mans Tale Lore"
“Destiny 2 New Secrets"

Thanks for watching! Im Evade and ill catch ya in the next one
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