Don't Touch The Child! MEME // [Gacha Life] ft. Choco Fam

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That's actually true standing your comments and my bffs' overprotective personality tbh ;^;'

I love you my protective and lovely family ????❤

And btw, I know you guys want to see the results of Famart Contest. I know I'm late I'm sorry. Just these days I'm stressed a lil and plus there's more than +550 entries.

I made a playlist of entry videos on youtube. You can find it on my channel page's "playlists" section. Check it out and try to find your entry video in there. If you can't find it, tell me in comments. I wanna make sure I've added everyone's video in there. After some time I'll share the results with you. ^^

Thank you for your time. Please be patient ????♡

If you still have my OC in your game, please delete it. I feel uncomfortable when someone haves it on their Thank you for understanding. ♡♡♡

????PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Do NOT copy or steal my style, OCs, outifts, video's story line!!!! COPYING isn't right and it also triggers me so bad!! They belongs to me and you have no right to use them like they're yours! Thank you.

????Also do not create fake social media accounts or youtube channels about me or anyone else in my channel!! (Like Alan, Elena, Seina, Jack etc.)
*sighs* Thank you. ^^

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gachalife don't touch the child meme
Don't touch my child meme gacha life
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