Doom 2 - Doom Zero map28 "Suspension" UV-max 10:54

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Pwad: DoomZero
Iwad: Doom 2
Map: 28
Category: UV-max
Time: 10:54
Executed with: PrBoom -complevel 2
Video capture&editing: prboom -viddump recorder
Recorded on: 20/03/2021
Made by / credits to: myself

sufficient run, in few hours it wasnt easy to memorize, make up a working route and then surviving a medium-lenght level.
about map:
Map Rating:
Map Difficulty:
Speedrun Difficulty: 4/5
This run:

eeek! my pc totally bunt out
my hd were critical state, so I needed some time to buy some new one and re-install everything.
meanwhile I kind of quitted playing, but nonethless ill be around, maybe with new content of diablo 2 -resurrected when its released. or maybe once again with doom!
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