Doom Eternal - Know Your Foe

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In this (excessively long) video, I go into a lot of detail on the most efficient / effective methods to deal with each and every demon type in Doom Eternal (including bosses), and the reasons why and the pros and cons.

This video has been on the works for nearly a year, and you can see this by the improvement in my play from the clips at the beginning of the video and the clips near the end. It still contains some minor imprecisions that I'm aware of but couldn't be bothered to fix, and probably a few omissions because I'm not omniscient. But it should be a very useful resource for someone who just played the game casually once and wants to improve their play or someone who wants to begin speedrunning Doom Eternal with no major glitches. I may make similar version for the enemies introduced in TAG1 and TAG2, but that depends on how well received this video is.

A note that I feel I should make: Yes, the editing is generally bad. Not for lack of trying, but rather for lack of skill, a bad editing program choice, and lack of time to do better. More importantly, the quality of the video and of THE SOUND is bad. I realize my voice sounds like 5 different persons throughout the video, and that sometimes it's hard to understand me. Also, some clips I should've recorded again, but as I said, it took me nearly a year to complete this. I just wanted to get it done. I hope you can forgive me for that, but I'm no streamer / youtuber, and I lack both the hardware, the time and the skills for doing these things properly :)

0:00 - Introduction
1:32 - Zombies
4:50 - Imps
6:06 - Possessed Soldiers
6:45 - Arachnotrons
12:15 - Cacodemons
14:46 - Tentacles
15:37 - Gargoyles
17:33 - Hell Knights
19:19 - Revenants (+ early game damage optimization)
22:25 - Lost Souls
22:53 - Dread Knights
24:48 - Mechazombies
26:51 - Mancubi
29:44 - Shield Soldiers
31:53 - Whiplashes
33:32 - Prowlers
35:20 - Pinkies (+ falters in-depth explanation)
39:40 - Carcasses (+ Destroyer Blade in-depth explanation)
46:50 - Doom Hunters
51:25 - Spectres
52:59 - Cybermancubi / Pain Elementals intro
55:34 - Cybermancubi
1:00:05 - Pain Elementals
1:03:27 - Tyrants / Barons (+ BFG in-depth explanation)
1:12:09 - Marauders
1:33:40 - Maykr Drones
1:35:45 - Gladiator
1:46:30 - Arch-viles
1:54:32 - Kalibas / Soul converter
1:55:06 - Khan Maykr
1:57:09 - Icon of Sin
2:03:33 - Conclusion
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