Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 - Ep 46 - Full Episode - 30th July, 2020

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Episode 46: Shravan's Master Stroke?
Shravan lays out some of the proudest and patriotic facts in front of the class. Suman's father is surely impressed with Shravan's new persona. While Shravan's father is eavesdropping on their class, the proud feeling for his son can be seen on his face.

About Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2:
A Love story between two people of different worlds, An ambitious boy from civilian world, who doesn't have any goal in life, where "providing for the family" and "Earning good money" is the most important thing and a girl from army background, A family where patriotism, punctuality and sincerity runs deep in their blood, Where Country comes first even before family Suman, who has been raised in a disciplined army family wishes to follow the legacy and join army one day to make her hero, her father and country proud. Shravan is an only son of a rich father, an apple of her mother's eye raised in a lavish lifestyle. He thinks that civilians can have the same character and loyalty to the country as an Army person. Despite the difference between the 2 worlds - of the army that has gallantry, pride and honour and that of the regular civilian world - love as an emotion remains the same with its countless colours and shades.

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