Elena Tsagrinou "El Diablo" | Cyprus Eurovision 2021 Interview

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Elena Tsagrinou did not actually give her heart to "El Diablo". In our English-language interview, Cyprus' Eurovision 2021 singer makes it clear the song is about falling in love with the wrong person and the struggle to break free from a bad relationship. "It's not about the devil," she says.

We love the drama of her official music video. Elena says she really gets into the character of a woman seeking freedom. "This song really takes me inside this position. It takes me to brokenness. But in the end I get out of this relationship. From the beginning until the end I am in this song."

She frequently cries during rehearsals for Rotterdam. "I get emotional every have a story in my mind. It's about a job that I had — something that made me very tired and I couldn't do it anymore. It makes me cry and I don't want to do it again. That position takes me inside the song in rehearsals." So what about that plastic body bag in the video clip? "Sometimes in this role I'm completely dead. They destroy me. That guy, that situation destroyed me."

We also discuss her stage director Marvin Dietmann, her live-on-tape performance, whether her live performance in Rotterdam will mirror the music video and her relationship with Laurell Barker — her songwriter, vocal coach and Eurovision backing vocalist. "This is the most important thing for me to have my vocal coach," she says. "For two months she's with me every week, like three times a week. We are together, think her voice is amazing. Boom."


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