Engines of Glory | The Steam Games Ep. #4 | Thomas & Friends

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Fizzling Fireboxes! The Sudrian Team and International Engines are tied three to three in the Steam Games! Can Thomas and his team work together to win against Frieda and the International Engines? But watch out for Vinnie who always plays by his own rules. Keep watching for a special announcement about the next Thomas Creator Collective adventure!

Directed by: Enterprisingengine93, Rodrigo Ortiz Medel (Thomas T'n'P Productions), Thetrainmodeller, Thomaswoodenrailway, WongVillage, Theworldofsodor, Sidekickjason & MrConductorfan1406
Executive Producer: Eric De Cordova
Associate Producer: Matt Michaud (Enterprisingengine93)
Story by: DieselD199, Eric De Cordova, & Enterprisingengine93
Screenplay by: DieselD199
Edited by: Enterprisingengine93 & Tines Sensahthe
Animation: Jadan DiStefano, SudrianRwyModeler
Music by: Ben Goldman, Daniel Beja (MD Musica) UpsideNow, Tines Sensahthe & The Tuggster Intensifies
Narrator: Wylie (Forrest) Queenan (WideSquare Films)
Frieda: Jael Golad
Ashima: Richa Shukla
Raul: Luiz Teixeira
Nigel: TrevorPalVA
Henry: Theburiedtruck
Vinnie: UpsideNow
Flying Scotsman: Joel Hunter
Custom Axel: Steve Garcia

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About Steam Games:
The Steam Games is an all-new four part adventure from the Thomas Creator Collective! Watch as Thomas & Friends™ compete against an international team in a series of exciting games. Who will win?

About Thomas & Friends:
Based on a series of children's books, "Thomas & Friends" features Thomas the Tank Engine adventures with other locomotives on the island of Sodor. Thomas often gets into trouble, but never gives up on trying to be a really useful engine. Other members of Sir Topham Hatt's Railway include: Percy (Thomas' best friend), and Gordon (the fastest and most powerful member of the team).

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Engines of Glory | The Steam Games Ep. #4 | Thomas & Friends
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