EP 112 - Starseed Adventures w/Kate Awakening - Ivan Teller - Barry LIttleton - Princess Jeannee

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StarSeed Adventures Conference - RoundTable Discussion w/
The Kate Awakening
Ivan Teller
Barry Littleton
Princess Jeannee

StarSeed Adventures focuses on personal growth, manifesting positive outcomes, and raising the vibration of our entire planet.
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Princess Jeannee
Farsight Institute
Remote Viewer

Trained by Dr. Courtney Brown of the world-renowned Farsight Institute, Princess Jeanee is known for her remarkably accurate Remote Viewing abilities. Remote viewing is a controlled and trainable mental process involving psychic ability, transferring perceptual information across time and space. While this is a natural ability, it is normally not easy to do well without training. Our conscious minds have dominated our perceptual awareness since we were children. Remote viewing is a way to retrain the conscious mind to allow this basic and natural ability to re-surface and flourish.

Ivan Teller
Professional Channeler

Ivan Teller has been channeling aliens and angels since March 2015. His Psychic Awakening was around 2011 connecting to his guides and learning the metaphysical arts. The first being he channeled was his spirit guide Ulysses. After that followed by a Zeta Grey by the name J-Rod. Soon after this channeling discovery. Ivan started publishing his channelings videos online. The first beings he was connected to was Yeshua, Tall Blonde Nordic, Arcturian, Annunaki and several Archangels. The main purpose of channeling is to assist with the ascension process by receiving messages and guidance from our galactic friends and higher selves. You can schedule a private session with Ivan to connect to your guides, angels or galactic family. Ivan also offers a weekly webinar you can join through his website membership program.

Kate Buckley
The Kate Awakening
Linktree ()

Kate has become a prominent voice in the new wave of citizen journalists who helps people navigate the Great Awakening through her research, information sharing, and weekly live chats. She has recently co-founded We The Media which aims to connect people with trusted names in the Q movement, important news, and honest analysis. Kate hosts a live chat on her YouTube channel “The Kate Awakening” every Tuesday night at 6 pacific, where she tries to bring humor, hope, and clarity to current events, and help glean the facts from the fake news.

Barry Littleton was born somewhat awake, & had odd past life memories from the beginning. In childhood he had intense telepathy, & began having odd encounters with different beings that he didn’t understand who, or what they were. Some of these childhood experiences included encountering dis-incarnated people, strange playmates, & awakening not in his bedroom or house. There was no way of proving these odd encounters he was having, so he asked for them to become more tangible, to be even more physical.
At the age of 18 his experiences became even more physical, & resulted in four separate encounters that totaled about 18 hours of missing time. The combined experiences of missing time, conscious encounters, & past life memories; lead him to do a vast amount of research in attempt to verify & explain the experiences. He’s physically been on several different craft, & has seen several different types of beings, much of which he is able to describe in detail. He has studied, researched, & practiced several aspects of the spiritual, metaphysical, & paranormal phenomenons.
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