Epic Games Creating Fortnite for Kids (Fortnite Pitch Meeting)

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In today's game proposal episode, Gavin returns to pitch Fortnite to Epic Games and things get crazy. Gavin might have a few let me know in the comments what game you want to see Gavin pitch next!

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*Inspired by ScreenRant's Pitch Meetings Series*

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Fortnite is a battle royale video game created by Epic Games, where 100 Fortnite kids fight to the death, dance, and emote on each other's dead bodies, and the last person standing wins. Today's funny Hew Moran comedy sketch/comedy skit is a spoof of Screen Rant's pitch meeting series called "Game Proposals" about gaming pitch meetings. Today's video is what I think the meeting at Epic Games was like while they were creating Fortnite.

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