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Epic Games Store Free Games

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Epic Games Store gives you a free game every week. Come back often for the exclusive offers. Download a free game or join a free-to-play game community today.

Because most gamers like to have all their games in one place, so you have to entice them really strongly to get them to shift their collection.

I’ve been using Steam since I bought Half Life on discs. So I’ve been a Steam user for many, many years, and have most of my games on the platform. It’s THE juggernaut of digital distribution, and has the biggest market share. Buying from Humble nets you Steam Keys (usually), and Steam has massive, well publicized sales - though, lately, the sales haven’t been as breakout as they used to be. But still, great deals and fairly regular.

GOG is trying to differentiate from Steam, in that they are all DRM free games, so where with Steam you buy a LICENSE to play the game, GOG (in theory) sells you THE GAME. What do I have through GOG? About half a dozen relatively unknown titles I got for free 5 or so years ago during a promotion, and Din’s Curse, which I got through a loot box and had to be redeemed on GOG.

I have Uplay for one reason - Ubisoft games usually require you to have Uplay to play their games. They force it on you, and you have to remember a second password even if you bought the game on Steam. They’re trying to force their presence on you, and force you to look at their (crappy) client in the hopes that you might happen to see something on sale. I’m pretty sure it’s not working for them, and I have no games on Uplay not already purchased through Steam.

Origin took the Ubisoft model even further, by pulling a bunch of their games from Steam, and making them exclusives to Origin. So I have the exclusive games I really wanted to play, and a few that I got for Free as part of the On The House program.

Update: Which, it appears, has been mostly reversed; EA now seems to have patched up their agreement with valve, and stuff like the Mass Effect series, and Dragon Age are now back.

And then we come to Epic, who are doing the same; I got GTA 5 through Epic for free, and that’s when their tactic got me - Not only were they giving away GTA 5, but they were also offering a $15 off coupon on anything $20 or more in their store. So I bought Control, and they got roughly $13 from me, even though Control is a timed exclusive, and will come to Steam eventually. The difference though is that while Control will likely come out for on Steam initially, I only paid $13 for it on Epic.

Long story short, Epic is giving away free games in the hopes they’ll entice you away from Steam at least a little bit; after all, if you’re in their storefront, and you see something on sale today that Steam hasn’t had on sale for 6 months, you may be more inclined to buy from them.

I can’t imagine anyone shifting wholly though. I generally stick to Steam, and go to the others for the freebies. An argument could be made though for someone to pick a title they want, and then set up a price-watch on all of the platforms that carry it, and buy it first on the one with the best regular sale, but I don’t think I’ll ever put in the effort.

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