Epic Games Sues Apple & Google! Part 1 | LAWYER EXPLAINS

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????⚖️ This video is the first of a series of videos about Epic Games’ lawsuits against Apple and Google. In this video, Alyte goes through the background of the case and some of the relevant basics of antitrust law to explain the basic framework of the case. Do you think Epic has a case? Let us know in the comments!

- Background:
(A) Epic and the 30% Cut (PCs): 4:07
(B) Epic and the 30% Cut (Mobile): 6:38
(C) Run-Up to the Lawsuits: 8:58
- The Complaints: 12:56
- Antitrust Law: 15:57
- What’s Next: 20:35

Links to Some Sources:
Epic v. Apple Complaint: #document/p1
Epic v. Google Complaint:
Sherman Act § 1:
Sherman Act § 2:
FTC on Antitrust Law:
DOJ Guidelines on Antitrust Law: #cia
Epic’s Temporary Restraining Order against Apple:
Fortnite 1984 Ad:
Apple 1984 Ad:

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