Epic Moments - The Battle of the 300 Champions that Decided a War DOCUMENTARY

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A history documentary on the Battle of 300 Champions that decided a war!
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We continue our documentary series on the Epic Moments in History by looking at the famous Battle of 300 Champions between Sparta and Argos that decided a war. The video begins by contextualizing the history of Sparta and the history of Argos. We talk about how each greek city developed over the course of the Bronze Age and declined with the Bronze Age Collapse which led to the Greek Dark Ages. We then cover the Rise of Sparta and the Rise of Argos as regional powers in the Greek Archaic period which saw them exert control over their neighboring territory. However at this time we note that the spartan army did not directly clash with the army of Argos. Instead the Spartans were preoccupied with wars over Arcadia, and more specifically with the city of Tegea. However when they do finally defeat Tegea this sets the stage for a war with Argos.

The inciting incident was a move by the Spartan army to take Tyrea which lay just a few kilometers south of Argos. In response the Argive army moved out to confront them. Yet as both sides prepared for a fight they expressed some hesitation, pausing to begin diplomatic talks. These appear to have led to an agreement that there would be no pitched battle. Instead the war would be decided by a duel between 300 champions to decide the war. (These 300 sparta may have been the famous spartan royal guard we covered in our previous Units of History video)

Our history documentary then seeks to reconstruct this epic moment in history from the brief passages we are given by Herodotus. We then follow the aftermath of the duel of champions and discuss its historical accuracy. Did it really happen? Watch to find out.

Check out the rest of our videos on Sparta as we talk about its famous units like the Spartan Royal Guard, its famous one liners, and the misconceptions of the Spartan Myth.

Bibliography and Suggested Reading:
"The Histories" by Herodotus
"The Traditional Enmity Between Sparta and Argos: The Birth and Development of a Myth" by Thomas Kelly

Research: Roel Konijnendijk
Writing: Invicta
Narration: Invicta
Artwork: Penata Limited
Editing: Invicta

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