Episode 9 | This must be low for weight loss | Keep this low to lose weight

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Hi friends,
In Episode 9 | This must be low for weight loss | Keep this low to lose weight, I share with you the one thing that you must really keep it low to lose weight.
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Protein and fiber - paruppu vagaigal
pachai payiru
pasi paruppu
pachai pattani
karuppu konda kadalai
vellai konda kadalai
karamani (thatai payiru) white
red karamani (thatai payiru) cow peas
thuvaram paruppu (thur dal)
Carbohydrates - siru dhaniya vagaigal
Thinai arsi
varagu arisi
saamai arisi
kuthiraivalli arisi
Fat and protein
coconut oil
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