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Colin: Hey, everyone. It's Colin here at etrailer. Today we're going to show you truck owners a pretty cool bike rack from Thule. This is their Insta-Gater Truck Bed Bike Rack, and you can see it in action right here. We have our nice mountain bike upright in the bed of our truck and secured for the ride. This is going to prevent us from having to lay the bike down in the bed of our pickup, which could damage it and it's also allowing us to utilize that free space.

We also don't have to invest in a hitch mounted bike rack to carry it, which adds length to our truck, and in a lot of cases it might cause you to have to remove your ball mount just to use your bike , I've worked with some other truck bed bike racks here at etrailer, such as tailgate mats or even a bar that runs the width of your truck bed. It has a couple of fork blocks on it where you can mount your bike by its forks on there. But I'm going to go through a couple of reasons why the Thule Insta-Gater is one of my favorite truck bed bike racks. One being that I just think it's a lot more secure than that tailgate mat would be. You can see my front wheel is in place, my bike rack is installed, and you see it's rock solid.

It's really not going anywhere. It's also going to be a lot more secure than just putting your front wheel over top of your tailgate and then putting a strap around the frame like most tailgate mats , the reason I like it more than a fork mounted bike rack, those are secured like this one is, but I personally just want to keep my front wheel on my bike when I'm hauling it. I don't want that laying in the bed of my truck either. It also works out for mountain bikes like this one where it's a through axle bike rack and it won't work for a fork mounted bike , you can see right here we have an open slot. That is for the Thule same key system.

You can put a lock core in there and that'll just provide more security for your bike rack so that no one can just come up, push down on that gray button and take the hook off of your bike and then remove it from your truck bed. With that same key system, you're also going to be able to key that alike with any other Thule accessories that you might have that system thing I like about the Insta-Gater is that it's not taking up a ton of space in my truck bed. With my bike standing up, I've still got plenty of space on the other side for other cargo that I might need to haul as well. Or I could even scoot it over to the edge and get one, maybe even two more bikes loaded to carry to and from my destination with thing I do want you guys to keep in mind is that, take into account the length of your bed and the length of your bike. We've heard from other customers who have short bed pickups, where it's more five foot to five and a half foot beds, and their bikes we're too long to fit in the bed of their pickup.

That's nothing against the Insta-Gater. That's just the bike not being able to fit in the bed of your pickup. This one is about a six and three quarter foot bed and you can see that our back tire is leaving us a little bit of space between it and the bulkhead. So one thing to keep in mind is that if you have a toolbox or maybe a canister tonneau cover, this may not work with your top of that, this bike rack is also very user friendly. It's very easy to operate. We'll just push in on that gray trigger right there. That unlocks our hook and we can fold that down. Just like that, our bike is ready to unload so that we can hit the , with the Insta-Gater, one thing you want to keep in mind is that when you are riding around . Let's say you're parked at a public trail and you just want to leave your bike rack in the bed of your pickup, it is susceptible to someone coming up and just removing it from the straps and walking off with your bike rack. There's two simple ways you can get your bike rack secured. One of them being, get a cable lock, wrap it around the frame right here of the bike rack and then maybe through a tie down point on your truck if you have one. If you don't really have a tie down point available, it's pretty easy you saw earlier for me to remove it, and you can just throw it in the cab of your pickup and lock it up and then reinstall it when you're ready to as far as construction, we're looking at a pretty solid steel construction from this, so it's going to be very durable. It's also got a nice black powder coat finish as well. That'll help it resist ru
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