Eurovision 2021: Betting Odds Ranking - 04/04/2021

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Here is the current ranking of the entries at the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 in Rotterdam according to the winner betting odds from Oddschecker. Accurate as of April 4th 2021.

The average represents the average of the odds from several different bookmakers as estimated from the rates seen on Oddschecker. The implied probability is essentially the inverse of the average odds and is an overestimation of the current chances of an entry to win. Summing up all the implied probabilities and taking the ratio of the implied probability of each entry to the total implied probability we get the Success Probability which is a more accurate sign of what the bookmakers feel like each entry's winning chances are. The order of the entries on Oddschecker might differ slightly, as an entry's position is also affected about whether its odds are drifting or shortening.

These are compared to my previous video about betting odds from two weeks ago. You can check out the previous video here:

The betting odds are merely a prediction by the bookies that take into account several factors to estimate the probability of an entry to win the contest. They are hence constantly changing based on new information about the entries.

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Eurovision 2021 Participants

Albania - Anxhela Peristeri | Karma
Australia - Montaigne | Technicolour
Austria - Vincent Bueno | Amen
Azerbaijan - Efendi | Mata Hari
Belgium - Hooverphonic | The Wrong Place
Bulgaria - Victoria | Growing Up Is Getting Old
Croatia - Albina Grčić | Tick-Tock
Cyprus - Elena Tsagrinou | El Diablo
Czech Republic - Benny Cristo | Omaga
Denmark - Fyr & Flamme | Øve os på hinanden
Estonia - Uku Suviste | The Lucky One
Finland - Blind Channel | Dark Side
France - Barbara Pravi | Voilà
Georgia - Tornike Kipiani | You
Germany - Jendrik Sigwart | I Don't Feel Hate
Greece - Stefania | Last Dance
Iceland - Daði og Gagnamagnið | 10 Years
Ireland - Lesley Roy | Maps
Israel - Eden Alene | Set Me Free
Italy - Måneskin | Zitti e Buoni
Latvia Samanta Tina | The Moon Is Rising
Lithuania - The Roop | Discoteque
Malta - Destiny | Je me casse
Moldova - Natalia Gordienko | Sugar
Netherlands - Jeangu Macrooy | Birth of a New Age
North Macedonia - Vasil | Here I Stand
Norway - TIX | Fallen Angel
Poland - Rafał | The Ride
Portugal - The Black Mamba | Love is on my Side
Romania - Roxen | Amnesia
Russia - Manizha | Russian Woman (Russkaya zhenshchina)
San Marino - Senhit | Adrenalina
Serbia - Hurricane | Loco Loco
Slovenia - Ana Soklič | Amen
Spain - Blas Cantó | Voy a quedarme
Sweden - Tusse | Voices
Switzerland - Gjon's Tears | Tout l'univers
Ukraine - Go_A | Shum (Шум)
United Kingdom - James Newman | Embers


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