Every VR Game On Steam Is A Nightmare - This Is Why - Part 1

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I am taking on the mammoth task of reviewing every VR game on steam, the goal will be to review them in my " Is A Nightmare - This Is Why" style, which basically means I am critiquing each Steam VR game I play, as this is a much more interesting way to review.

VR games I reviewed with their Steam links (in order):

Sanguo Warriors VR:

VR2: Vacate 2 Rooms:

Jet Island

I plan on making "Every VR Game On Steam Is A Nightmare" a long running series, however I will be kept busy with Fallout 76 before I get to sink my teeth into the Steam VR library properly.

Instagram: @UpIsNotJumpofficial

A huge thank you to Sorrow TV (the voice that wasn't me") sure he doesn't usually talk about games, let alone Steam VR games, but there is a first time for everything. His channel:

So I guess my days of modding are over as it doesn't really fit this VR review style, unless the VR game needs it to properly experience everything it has to offer I won't be much of a mod guy for a while.
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