FAMiLY SURViVOR on ROBLOX!! Adley and Friends play mini challenges to not get voted off the island

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ADLEY vs MOM vs DAD vs NiCK vs ALLi


HEY EVERYBODY!! IT'S TIME FOR ANOTHER ROBLOX GAME!! I love playing roblox, we play all the time, it's a part of my daily routine now! Today we played a game of FAMilY SURViVOR! Survivor is a game where you do challenges like hide and seek or an obby (obstacle course) then everybody gets to vote for another player. Whoever ends up with the most votes has to leave the game. I played with all of my family and friends like Mom, Dad, Niko, Alli, and Nick!! One of the challenges we did was an object hide and seek, there are random objects like flowers, coconuts, and bananas hiding under boxes. You had to break the boxes and find all of your items before everyone else. Another game we played was balance beams, you had to walk across a small wooden board like the plank on a pirate ship without falling off. I had so much fun playing roblox with my friends and family.

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Bye vlog *pshhhhh*
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