FIX Valorant Error Code: 43 "There Was An Error Connecting To The Platform"

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FIX Valorant Error Code: 43 "There Was An Error Connecting To The Platform" Hope it will help if not let me know in comment section and you can suggest me about different video that you want to know.
If this is not work watch my solution 2 video : -
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????️»★DESKTOP️ ???????? ????????????????????★«
╚» Processor ★ Ryzen 3
╚» GraphicCard ★ 1050 ti 4 gb GPU
╚» RAM ★16 GB RAM 2700Mhz
╚» Harddisk ★ 120 GB SSD
╚» MotherBoard ★ Gigabyte x470
ȯ Internet Speed: 100 Mbps Up & Down

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