Fortnite Item Shop HUGE SHOP! (October 31, 2020) (Fortnite Battle Royale)

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Fortnite item shop right now October 31, 2020 today showcase of skins, emotes and pickaxes. Halloween item shop. This video is a item shop countdown as well, let me show you what is in the Fortnite item shop today. My locker
Please use my support a creator code KendallToddYT in the Fortnite item shop and for any games that epic makes. This helps to support me financially #epicpartner
Everyone please make sure to subscribe, give it a thumbs up and turn on notifications. I want to make fortnite item shop videos every day. I Kendall Todd also like to live stream Fortnite approx every day approx midnight to 4 AM Eastern standard time. Please let me know in the comments what is your favorite skin, what is your favorite emote, what is your favorite glider, favorite pickaxe, and what is your favorite dance. It’s really amazing to be able to have a new item shop Fortnite every day. The Fortnite item shop skins and dances emotes pickax gliders are bought with v bucks. Some may call the Fortnite item shop a V bucks store. Please let me know in the comments what is your all time favorite fortnite skin and what skin do you think is the most rare fortnite skin. Also please tell me what do you think is the most rare dance what do you think is the most rare pick ax and what do you think is the most rare emote.

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